Nail the Interview. Get the Job.

HIRE LLC helps individuals develop, maintain, and enhance their interviewing skills. Our experienced staff will give you a personalized mock interview that is tailored to the Wall Street job of your choice. In addition to our staff’s expertise, HIRE has also asked over 100 top executives to share with us their secrets to interviewing success.

How it works

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    The financial industry has many different job opportunities, but almost all of them require some basic interviewing skills that all candidates should strive to perfect. Once we help you polish those skills, we will tailor your practice interview to the profession of choice. But what if you don’t know exactly what you want to do? That’s OK too! We can help you understand the different areas of finance and the opportunities that they present.

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    Job interviews come in many forms, and our team of Wall Street professionals will help you perfect the three most common types: in person, via video chat, and over the phone. Our practice interviews can be booked in 30 or 60 minute blocks, with each session consisting of a mock interview and a graded review session. You can book an appointment at any time by clicking the Practice Interview tab.

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    Interviewing is like playing the piano or basketball - practice makes perfect. After you have polished and perfected your interviewing skills, we will work with you to learn the keys to networking and job hunting. And resume help? Yes, we can help with that too!

Other Services we provide

  • Wall Street 101 Seminar

    From investment banking to capital markets to accounting, we can help you understand how the secret world of Wall Street really works. We offer a four hour Wall Street 101 presentation that is perfect for a college campus, a group seminar, or private lesson. If you are a college and would like to book this seminar, please click the Campus Visit link above.

  • Industry Specific Training

    We provide workshops in accounting, modeling, valuation, trading, and many more fields in order to help you become better prepared for your interview and/or job.

  • Resume Help

    There are a million different ways to write a resume. But how can yours get noticed? We will help your resume stand out from the crowd.

  • Networking Help

    Many people get jobs through family members or close friends. But what if you don't know anyone that works in your desired profession? How can you figure out a way to land an interview? We will give you networking tips to get your foot in the door.

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